How To Wire a Winch with A Toggle Switch?

The key to safe winching is, of course, the proper wiring. Most times, people prefer to control a winch using a remote control because it is easy to use. However, if you have to use the winch without a remote or want to have it on the dash, you need to use a toggle switch.

For that, you need to wire the winch properly. To help you out, this page will teach you how to wire a winch with a toggle switch to keep things safe and secure.

If you want to wire a winch with a toggle switch, you should make sure you properly secure your wiring in place and do not leave loose wires that could potentially cause harm to yourself or others.

Although you can always hire a professional to do this, you can follow the methods below to do it yourself.

Toggle Switch And Its Working Process?

Toggle switches are one of the common electrical parts and can be found on any electrical device or circuit. This switch connects or disconnects two ends of an electric circuit. You will probably notice a toggle switch on many items you use or own, including vehicles, video game controllers, power tools, and appliances.

What Is Toggle Switch and How Does it Work?

It is also an electrical component that uses a mechanical lever to manually control the flow of electricity across a circuit. Toggle switches come in different types and styles. In other words, they are essentially on and off switches that are ideal for any kind of circuit they are wired to.

You can have it on an electric winch to start when necessary and control different functions.

How Does Toggle Switch Work?

Toggle switches are simple devices that are used to control electrical power through the use of spring-loaded mechanisms. For example, some toggle switches control household lights while others control all types of electrical equipment in the car.

Also, they are responsible for turning machines and devices on and off. It comes in several styles and is made for use with various loads. They are generally made with a metal frame, handle, and lever, but some are rated for marine use and made of plastic. You can sometimes find it on 110v portable electric winches built in, or can install yourself.

What Are The Steps That You Need To Follow To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch?

If you want to turn your winch on/off from a distance, you’re going to need a toggle switch and switch housing. These switches can also contain indicator lights. Mounting the winch controller outside the vehicle makes it easy for you to control the winch wires and access the wiring terminals to be wired correctly.

How To Wire a Winch with A Toggle Switch

The method below is the simplest way to wire a winch using a toggle switch.

Follow These Prior Steps Before You Install the Toggle Switch:

  • Switch off the ignition of the vehicle and trace the toggle switch and all the wires connected to ensure that the toggle switch is not in any position to operate the winch.
  • Go ahead to decouple the winch clutch.
  • Open the hood so that you can have easy access to install the device
  • If you have spade connectors, you might have to remove them because it is of no use since you will be using wire slices.

Installation of The Toggle Switch:

  • You should position the tube clamp on the handlebars in the best location
  • Get the toggle switch housing and then mount to the tube clamps using locknut, shake-proof washer, and cap screw to fasten firmly
  • Push the wires such as the red, green, and yellow through the back of the toggle switch
  • At this point, the installation of the gasket with the toggle switch is important.
  • Go ahead to connect the wires to the toggle switch. The red wire will go to the middle terminal of the toggle switch, and the green wire will go to the bottom, and then the yellow to the top of the terminal of the toggle switch
  • You should slide the wires into the loom and then slide the loom into the back of the toggle switch housing
  • Snap the switch and then switch the housing together
  • Run the wires from the toggle switch down to the handlebars. To be sure of the clearance, you need to turn the handlebars to the right and the left
  • Connect the wires from the toggle switch to the wire splice and fold it over for a firm snap closure. You should do this for all wires.

Final Installation Methods:

  • You need to confirm the winch clutch is properly disengaged
  • With the ignition switch in off mode, the toggle switch should not work, and if it does, you need to check the wiring connection all over.
  • Turn on the switch and press the toggle switch to let off the cable from the winch
  • If it works, then you have all connections in the right place. If not, you need to retrace the connection to make necessary corrections.


Wiring the winch properly will make sure you’re getting 100% off of the winch you have on board. Doing this with a toggle switch can be the best option if you love controlling things that way. Now that you have the right resources on how to wire a winch with a toggle switch, you should be able to get this right and wire it right.

One necessary caution to keep in mind though is never to let any loose wires hang around while finishing the wiring. Plus, don’t forget to put on your protective gear and gloves when you’re operating the winch in action like a recovery job.

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