10 Best Winch For Jeep Gladiator In 2024 (In-Depth Reviews)

Jeep gladiator is surely an ultimate choice for off-roading. Pairing it with a good winch eliminates the chances of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. While there are so many models available, getting the best winch for jeep gladiator is not an easy fish to fry.

Apart from the weight and pulling capacity, you need to consider its efficiency on top of the operating method. We’ve taken all that into consideration and reviewed the most promising winches for your jeep.

Let’s go through our picks and help you choose the next toy for your 4×4 that is capable enough to pull you from unforgiving terrains.

Why Do You Need A Winch For Your Jeep Gladiator?

Simply put, the jeep gladiator is no ordinary car like a sedan or van; it’s a mighty off-roader. And sure enough, getting stuck while going off road and crossing over countryside rough terrain is a common phenomenon.

Do You Need A Winch For Your Jeep Gladiator_

Let’s say you’re trying to get off a gutter full of mud where even high-grip tires are not working! What comes to the rescue? A winch! With a good winch, you can easily get off such stuck situations and go off-strings.

What Is The Correct Size Of Winch You May Need For A Jeep Gladiator?

Before you get to understand what size a winch you need to get for your Jeep, let’s break down how it’s calculated.

You need to get at least 1.5 times larger the size of your cars GCWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). If you have a 5000 lbs car, you need a winch that is rated for 75000 lbs.

The calculation works like this:

First, you calculate the GCWR: Car weight + Passengers + Cargo + Driver Weight

Then, this is how it works for the Minimum winch size: GCWR x 1.5

Well, that’s the minimum industry standard for the right winch size. However, if you’re planning to get ahead for extreme off-roading, situations can be different. For example, if you’re planning on towing and winching at the same time, you want to get 2x-3x the size of your GCWR. Just to be sure!

Now, with all that in mind, as a Jeep Gladiator’s maximum GCWR is around 7000 lbs, you’ll need a winch rated for pulling 10500 lbs.

However, as it varies from model to model, here’s a breakdown of the winch size for each model:

Jeep Gladiator Model CURB Weight GCWR Minimum Winch Capacity
Sport 4dr 4×4 4650 lbs 5800 lbs 8700 lbs
Overland 4dr 4×4 4720 lbs 5800 lbs 8700 lbs
Altitude 4dr 4×4 5040 lb 6200 lbs 9300 lbs
High Altitude 4×4 4676 lbs 6000 lbs 9000 lbs
Mojave 4dr 4×4 4948 lbs 6140 lbs 9210 lbs
Rubicon 4dr 4×4 5050 lbs 6250 lbs 9375 lbs

There you have the winch capacities, but the finalization is yet to come. If you’re also towing with the gladiator, e.x. A trailer or an RV, and want the winch to cover that as well, count that in!

Once you have your winch, with or without a third-party bumper, here’s how you install the winch to your Jeep Gladiator:

Table of Contents:

Here’s a table of content to help you navigate through the whole article with ease:

Comparison Chart:

Want a quick comparison among the winches we’ve selected? Make use of this side by side comparison for an educated decision:

Winch modelWinch capacityCable and lengthWeather protectionInstalled weightMotor type
VEVOR Winch15,500 lbsSteel, 93.5 feetYes, IP6785.8 lbs12V, 8.04 HP
ZESUPER Winch13,000 lbsSynthetic, 78 feetYes, IP6757.2 lbs12V, 6.4 HP
WARN Zeon Platinum 1212,000 lbsSteel, 100 feetYes, IP6898 lbs12V DC
X-BULL Remote Winch13,000 lbsSynthetic, 80 feetYes, IP6763.3 lbs12V, 6.0 HP
Rough Country PRO Series12,500 lbsSteel, 100 feetYes, IP6782.8 lbs12V, 5.5 HP
Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC17,500 lbsSteel, 93.5 feetYes, IP67132.2 lbs12V, 6.6 HP
Superwinch Tiger Shark11,500 lbsSteel, 84 feetYes, IP6794 lbs12V, 6.0 HP
Rockland VMI17 Off Road Winch10,000 lbsSteel, 82 feetYes, IP6872.17 lbs12V, 5.5 HP
ZEAK Truck Winch10,000 lbsSynthetic, 86 feetYes, IP6859.9 lbs12V, 6 HP
Rock Hulk Winch13,500 lbsSynthetic, 100 feetYes, IP6858 lbs12V, 7.2 HP

10 Best Winch For Jeep Gladiator in 2023

Making the right decision with so many variables to your Jeep can be really daunting. Here, to ease that process, we’ve come across 10 of the best winches for Jeep Gladiator that won’t disappoint you down the line:

Best Winch For Jeep Gladiator

1. VEVOR Truck Winch 15500 lbs Electric Winch: Best Overall

Vevor being one of the most prominent winch manufacturers, made this model be perfectly fit with Jeep Gladiators. With a whopping 15500 lbs (7031 kg) of pull or lift capacity, this winch will have your back regardless of the obstacle.

VEVOR Truck Winch 15500 lbs Electric Winch

The steel rope will not wear out, even under the highest pressure the car can put. Its 93.5″ length with a diameter of 25/64″ is enough for any given situation, whether you’re climbing rocky terrain or stuck in the mud.

Want maximum security in all weather conditions? Vevor winch has got your back with its IP67 waterproof rating that works very well in any harsh environment. The high tensile rope and 3-stage planetary gear mechanism will work together to get you out.

Its 8.04 HP motor with a gear ratio of 370:1 is backed with a black frosted shell and 500AMP solenoid valve. With such high standards of parts inside the 85.8-lbs heavy structure, you won’t have a thing to worry about longevity of the winch.

When it comes to controlling, this winch comes with both a wireless remote and a manual controller. You can stay out of the safety premises, let the rope in or out, and get your car out without getting close.

In terms of accessories, Vevor has got you almost all covered by including everything needed. You’ll get a 4-way fairlead on board, 2 wireless controllers, a manual controller, a shackle, a pulley, a hook a pair of gloves. A set of bolts are also included alongside the 93.5 ft steel cable.

However, the only drawback is, this machine doesn’t include a winch damper which they could! Nonetheless, regardless of which model of Jeep gladiator you might be driving, this winch is capable enough to keep you not stuck anywhere.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V, 8.04 HP/6.0 KW
  • Gear Ratio: 370:1
  • Winch weight: ‎‎85.8 pounds
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 15,500 lbs (7,031 kg)
  • Rope Material: Cable Steel
  • Cable size:5 ft long, 25/64″ diameter
  • Protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: 4-way Roller
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • High end motor with heavy pull/lift capacity
  • Comes with accessories in the package
  • Long and heavy duty steel cable
  • Waterproof motor housing with solenoid valve
  • Fairlead doesn’t lack side rollers
  • Doesn’t come with a winch damper

Why You Should Buy?

The Vevor 15500 lbs winch is the best one for jeep gladiators with the capacity of pulling the whole car with cargo inside. If you’re up for extreme off-roading with heavy loads, go for it. You’ll get a 93’ steel cable, a 4-way fairlead with a waterproof motor housing onboard.

2. ZESUPER 12V 13000 lbs Electric Winch: Best for Synthetic Rope

If you’re looking for a highly powerful winch like the Vevor but with a synthetic rope design, Zesuper’s here to back you up. This winch comes with a huge lifting or pulling power of 13000 lbs, has a flexible rope, and works like any standard winch.

ZESUPER 12V 13000 lbs Electric Winch

With such high pulling power, you can easily pull the heaviest Jeep Gladiator from a stuck situation. Whether you’re doing slippery mud driving or rescuing another heavy duty vehicle, Zesuper can make it look like a knife through butter.

The rope has 12 different fine stranded ropes inside, making it 10 times stronger than steel rope while not getting rusted anytime. With a 3/8″ diameter and a 78 ft. long rope, your adventure will have another dimension to explore.

To keep your adventure free of weather issues, this winch has waterproof sealed contactors inside. With a weatherproof rating of IP67, you’re safe from sand, water, and mud, common off-roading obstacles. So, it’s suitable for all kinds of environments.

Its unique auto braking mechanism will offer you excellent control over the drag. You can pull 5.8 feet per minute when fully loaded with 13000 lbs and 22 feet for an empty car. Its 500 Amp motor does this magic with mighty temperature resistant coil design.

What’s more, the 6.4 HP series winding motor that runs with a standard 12V car battery has a three-stage planetary gear system. It ensures a superior control with the free winding clutch on board. There’s also a 9500 lbs version if you need less lift power.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V, 6.4 HP
  • Winch weight: ‎57.2 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 265:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 13000 lbs (5896 kg)
  • Rope Material: Synthetic rope
  • Cable size: 3/8″ diameter and a 78 ft. long
  • Protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Heavy lifting and pulling power
  • Stronger synthetic rope than steel
  • Water and sand proof sealed construction
  • Rope is long enough for any situation
  • Stable powerful motor with heavy gear
  • The fairlead could be better with rolling system

Why You Should Buy?

This winch would be a great purchase if you’re after a highly powerful motor, equipped with a synthetic rope instead of steel rope. With this rope, the overall weight of the winch goes down while being super safe to deal with.

3. WARN 92820 Zeon Platinum 12: Easiest to operate

Do you often find it hard operating a winch and want it to be easier while riding your Jeep gladiator? Well, we’ve got the Zeon Platinum 12, the best warn winch for jeep gladiator which also is the easiest to operate on our list today.

WARN 92820 Zeon Platinum 12

This model of WARN winch falls under their ultimate performer lineup where you get an upgraded control system. You’re getting a remote controller which comes with a rugged display to help you monitor as the winch works. It’s rechargeable with USB cable.

The remote is complete wireless, meaning you’re getting 100% safe and secure accessibility. It offers complete control from the clutch release to the free spool. Everything is controllable right from the remote from engaging the pull, to cutting the power off.

Not just that, you can monitor the vehicle battery situation and winch’s temperature and make informed decisions. Well, bear with that, because it pulls the cable 33% faster than other winches at 44 feet per minute! That’s a lot, unless you stress it out for less.

Unlike its previous model, the 10s, this one offers a design shift to over 2x the strength in platinum 12 with a metal armor around. That continues in the rope as well. While the 10s offers a 10,000 lbs of weight capacity with a synthetic rope, the Platinum 12 offers up to 12,000 of weight capacity.

Let’s not forget the 12V DC series wound motor that coins in heavy loading capacity with a reliable gear train for a smoother drag. The 100 feet steel rope will make sure you’re backed in harsh situations, combined with its IP68 complete weatherproof sealed construction.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V DC Series Wound
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 12000 lbs
  • Winch weight: 98 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 216:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Steel rope
  • Cable size: ⅜” diameter and 100 ft. long
  • Protection: IP68 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: 4-way roller fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Top-notch wireless controller with live feed display
  • The remote controller and the motor is waterproof
  • Winch temperature and car battery status monitor
  • Comes with USB charger with car charger adapter
  • Heavy duty motor with metal armor shield around
  • Same weight model doesn’t have a synthetic rope version
  • The controller runs out of charge even when turned off

Why You Should Buy?

If you want the easiest control mechanism for your winch, and want it to be fancy, go with the Zeon Platinum 12 from WARN. It has a wireless remote controller with a rugged monitor that tracks the motor temperature, battery situation. The motor pulls 12000 lbs of weight with its 3-stage planetary gear train.

4. X-BULL 12V 13000 lbs Remote Winch: Best for Wireless Control

Easy to control. If that’s what pulls you the most, the X-bull remote winch would be your machine of choice. It comes with a wireless remote controller with which you can use for letting the rope in or out. With this easy controller, safety is what becomes the best part.

X-BULL 12V 13000 lbs Remote Winch

While running a winch can be a bad idea standing in front of it, using the wireless controller makes it easier. Well, not only you can do that from out of the rope’s reach, you can also do that manually with the wired controller stick.

For the power, X-bull includes a heavy duty motor with a 500AMP solenoid valve inside. Since the motor works with a 3-stage planetary gear system, the drag or pull will surely be mighty. You can pull over 25.3 feet of rope a minute for no load and 7 feet for a full load.

The rope, on the other hand, is a synthetic one, making it instantly easier to deal with, compared to steel. You can mount it to your Jeep and pull it with everything inside just fine. The length of the rope is over 80 feet with a diameter of ⅜”, enough for any Gladiator.

With such heavy rope combined with the 6.0hp series wound motor, it can pull over 13,000 pounds of weight. As you’ll have sealed contactors inside, it’ll be safe from water and dust. To ensure that, X-bull has an IP67 rating for any harsh environment on this winch.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V, 6.0 HP
  • Winch weight:2 lbs (28. kg)
  • Gear Ratio: 265:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 13000 lbs (5896 kg)
  • Rope Material: Synthetic rope
  • Cable size: ⅜” diameter and 80 ft. long
  • Protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
  • Recommended battery: 650CCA
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Both wired and wireless control for safe winching
  • Long synthetic rope with built-in connector
  • lifetime technical support and 1-year warranty
  • Waterproof solenoid connection system
  • Heavy pulling capacity with quick roll-in time
  • Unforgiving 3 stage planetary gear mechanism
  • The rope doesn’t come with a built-in rope cover

Why You Should Buy?

This synthetic rope winch would be the best option if you’re after a machine that doesn’t need you to be around while controlling. It comes with a wireless controller alongside a wired manual controller. The 6.00 HP motor does well to lift/pull over 13000 lbs of weight.

5. Rough Country 9,500 LB PRO Series Electric Winch: Easiest to Install

Although winches are to be installed by certified professionals, if you want maximum flexibility for your own, the Rough Country winch is what you want. This little monster is easy to install, especially on any Jeep gladiator as it has suitable mounting options.

Rough Country 9,500 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

With no drilling required, you can install this winch on yourself just fine with the instructions inside the package. The regular 4.5″ by 10″ ‎4 bolt pattern will help you mount it without hassle. However, make sure you test it out afterwards before doing real recoveries.

It’s not only heavy from the outside, the internals also are satisfactory to every joinery. The rugged design continues to the solenoid circuitry design where you’re getting 100% weatherproof sealing. To back that up, it also offers IP67 weatherproofing rating.

The strong internal mechanism includes a powerful 5.5HP motor with a 3-stage planetary gear ratio of 265:1. With its auto drum braking mechanism and sliding ring gear clutch, control will be as smooth as you want it to be.

You’ll see a reflection of that series wound motor in action as it can pull recover a staggering 9500 lbs of weight. Its 100 feet steel cable with clevis hook will do the  heavy lifting. Well, it’s also available in synthetic cable and 12500 lbs weight capacity if you want that.

To control the winch, Rough Country has included a wired remote controller. They also included a 4-way roller fairlead that goes even with the aesthetics of the Jeep gladiator. And since it’s water and dust proof, only washing the cable will do the maintenance!

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V 5.5HP series wound motor
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 12,500 lbs
  • Winch weight:8 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 216:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Steel rope
  • Cable size: ⅜” diameter and 100 ft. long
  • Protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: 4-way roller fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • No drilling or extra machinery job is required to install it
  • Heavy duty motor with auto braking and sliding gear clutch
  • IP67 water and dust proof sealed circuitry construction
  • Good enough weight lifting capacity for Jeep Gladitators
  • The included steel cable is longer than average (100 ft)
  • Might have to buy after-market screws

Why You Should Buy?

This one is for those DIYers who love doing things on themselves. If you want to install a winch on your Jeep on your own and want a decent lifting capacity, the Rough country has a lot to offer. With its 9500 lbs of capacity, weatherproof design, and 100’ steel cable, it’ll shine.

6. Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC 17,500 Pound Winch: Best for Heavy Lifting

Let’s not forget the fact that the Jeep Gladiator also takes a ton of loads on board. And sometimes, unloading that much isn’t an option in a situation of extreme recovery. In that case, the Smittybilt heavy duty winch can play the savior’s role for you!

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC 17,500 Pound Winch

With a whopping 17,500 lbs of winching capacity, this beast can pull almost anything you can throw into it as a challenge. And it looks sick with the Jeep Gladiator as well! On the other hand, the winch comes with a  93.5-inches steel cable for a stronger pull.

Well, you can also get a version of this winch with a synthetic rope if you prefer things that way. Not to mention, it also offers a few other versions with lower load capacity if you need this model with.

The 6.6 HP heavy motor will also assist you in pulling the trailer if you have one behind your Jeep. With a 4-stage planetary gear inside, this winch won’t give up on your pull. The 500AMP solenoid inner circuitry will aid you in mighty pulling since it’s designed that way.

One thing that could be better on it is its built-in wiring system; it could be better with a longer positive cable. So, using supplied wiring is a good idea with a few tweaks here and there. On the brighter side, the entire winch is completely waterproof with IP67 rating.

Installing it on a Jeep gladiator is not a very hard task either. With the standard 4 by 10 inch bolts and a bit of knowledge in the job, you can install it yourself just fine. The 4-way roller fairlead will make things smooth when you’re pulling the steel rope in or out.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V, 6.6 HP
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 17500 lbs
  • Winch weight:2 pounds (60.0 kg)
  • Gear Ratio: 330:1
  • Gear System: 4 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Steel rope
  • Cable size: 7/16 ” diameter and 93.5 ft. long
  • Protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Fairlead design: 4-way roller fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • More than enough winching capacity for Gladiators
  • Installation process is easy enough for anybody
  • Long enough steel rope with options for synthetics
  • Water, dust, and mud proof construction
  • High-end 4-stage gear with a ratio of 330:1
  • Need a professional to install (the instruction is useless)
  • The positive cable could be longer (6 inches to a foot)

Why You Should Buy?

Simply put, this winch is a heavy duty one, only suitable for badass Jeep owners. If you load a lot on your Gladiator or pull a trailer behind, this is your machine. It pulls over 17500 lbs of weight, has a 4-stage planetary gear ratio of  300:1, and waterproof solenoid internals.

7. Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark 11500 Winch: Best For Rough Environment

If you’re a rough off-roader and need a darn performer winch for any situation, the Superwinch Tiger Shark does it well. It’s heavily protected from the harsh outside environment with sealed sturdy construction where your Jeep will be in control.

Superwinch 1511200 Tiger Shark 11500 Winch

The sealed solenoid build helps it stay out of all kinda adverse situations. Whether you’re riding in the rain, snow, sand, or heavy dusty terrain, the winch will be all in mint condition. With no harm to the internal components, it’ll be fine for years.

On the rope side, this winch comes with a heavy duty steel rope with a length of 84 feet and ⅜ inch in diameter. While this works like a charm on your Gladiator, it won’t come heavy on the bumper. It has a stainless steel roller fairlead in front to let the rope roll smooth.

It combines with the high performer Sealed 6.0 HP series wound motor. They can pull up to 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg) of weight, regardless of how bad the situation is. So, recovering your Jeep Gladiator from a stuck situation won’t be an issue with this winch attached to your car.

The 218:1 gear ratio alongside the 3 stage planetary gearbox won’t go off service with high weight as they’re sturdy enough. To control the winch, you’re getting a top of the line 12’ rubber hand-held remote controller. It will allow you to let the rope in or out smoothly.

Not to mention, this winch also offers a high quality free spool mechanism. You can pull the rope out without any issues and custom plan the recovery for any situation. Its ergonomic clutch release will help you lock or unlock the free spool at any moment.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V, 6.0 HP
  • Weather protection: IP67 waterproof
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 11,500 lbs (5,216 kg)
  • Winch weight: 94 lbs. (42 kg)
  • Gear Ratio: 218:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Steel rope
  • Cable size: 84 feet and ⅜ inch in diameter
  • Fairlead design: 4-way roller fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Great protection from water, dust, snow or sand
  • Excellent rubber coated ergonomic controller
  • Large enough weight capacity for any Jeep Gladiator
  • Steel rope has a 4-way fairlead for smooth rolling
  • Free spool is smooth and easy to pull out
  • The installation can be a headache with complicated setup

Why You Should Buy?

If you go offroading with your Jeep gladiator and the area is often too dirty and dusty, this winch will be your loyal friend. Its sealed construction protects it from sand or snow and pulls up to 11500 lbs of weight with its heavy gear. You can also control the free spool on it.

8. Rockland VMI17 10,000 Lbs Off Road  Electric Winch: Best for 2-Door Jeep

If you have a 2 door Jeep gladiator, the Rockland VMI17 electric winch will make a great pair as the ultimate recovery tool. Go offroading without having to worry about getting stuck in the middle of nowhere; Rockland offers 10000 lbs of lifting or pulling capacity in this winch.

Rockland VMI17 10,000 Lbs Off Road  Electric Winch

Jeep gladiator is no ordinary vehicle to joke around with, it’s the ultimate off-roader, even the 2 door ones. The 10,000 lbs of capacity of this winch is perfect for your Jeep and beyond for other trucks, SUVs, UTVs, and ATVs. Smooth control will be its biggest advantage.

For easy control regardless of the weight on board, this winch offers a wired remote controller. However, the remote is not wireless, and that’s understandable looking at its cheaper price point. Nonetheless, the controller wire is long enough for safety distance.

As for the internals, the winch comes with a 12V 5.5 HP series wound DC motor. With a 3 stage planetary gear system inside the 2.75″ drum, the motor does a good job pulling without forgiving points.

No worries about the internals while riding in extremely adverse conditions because this winch is completely weatherproof. With an IP68 rating for both the winch and the controller, it performs well under any condition you can throw this beast into.

To help you set it up easily, it offers a free spool to the aircraft-grade steel wire rope it comes with. The rope is 82 feet long; enough for almost any kind of recovery situation you might get  yourself into. It works with the hawse fairlead that lets the rope in smooth and easy.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V 5.5 HP series wound DC motor
  • Weather protection: IP68 waterproof
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs (5,216 kg)
  • Winch weight:17 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 232:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Aircraft grade steel rope
  • Cable size: 82 feet long cable
  • Fairlead design: Hawse fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Heavy duty motor with a reliable gear system
  • Applicable for all Jeeps, SUVs, and 2 door gladiators
  • Perfect for water, dust, sand, snow, and other adversities
  • Free spool with a locking mechanism for easy pull
  • Aircraft grade steel rope for pulling with might
  • A wireless controller would complete its legacy

Why You Should Buy?

10000 lbs of lifting or pulling capacity with heavy duty steel rope, that’s what you’re getting with this Rockland winch. It’s perfect for fully-loaded 2-door gladiators, or moderately loaded 4-door ones. If you need reliable winching power with a wired controller, go get this one.

9. ZEAK 10000lb. Electric Truck Winch: Best for Safety

Just as much as you love your Jeep gladiator to be tough, the Zeak winch won’t disappoint. With its highly durable construction, you can put it into action without compromising integrity. The reinforced metal housing, combined with solenoid internals, it’s highly reliable.

ZEAK 10000lb. Electric Truck Winch

Once it’s on board, the 10,000 lbs of weight capacity will recover like a charm. Regardless of the adversity of the road, you’re all backed up by the Zeak winch. Alongside a huge payload, this winch also offers easy control with a wireless remote controller.

The remote allows you to stay up to 32 feet away from the winch and operate it safely. Since a snap on the rope can be fatal, staying out of the danger zone becomes much easier with this remote controller. And that, without compromising the easy, full control.

What’s more, it has a complete IP68 weatherproof rating to ensure you and your car is safe. No matter where you go, water, mud, sand, snow, this all-metal made winch can help you stay on the move regardless of the adversity along the road.

You’re getting a series-wound 6 HP motor motor with a heavy duty planetary gear train inside. It’ll ensure faster spool, even under load, and the synthetic rope will assist you in that. The rope is ⅜” in diameter and 86′ long, with a lower ultimate weight to the winch.

For extra protection, the rope has a protective sleeve and connected to a heavy 3*8″ clevis hook. The hook is made with galvanized steel and power coated to fight against rust and corrosion. With only 3.4” of height, the winch is suitable for any Jeep gladiator model.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V 6 HP series wound motor
  • Weather protection: IP68 waterproof
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs (5,216 kg)
  • Winch weight:9 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 236:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Synthetic rope
  • Cable size: 86 feet long
  • Fairlead design: Aluminum hawse fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Highly safe with precautions in both rope and control
  • Long range wireless control alongside wired controller
  • Resistant to all sorts of weather adversities
  • Longer and safer synthetic rope with safety sleeve
  • Included free spool control clutch mechanism
  • Not really that easy to install following the manual

Why You Should Buy?

If you’re after an utter combination of high-grade safety and top-notch durability, the ZEAK truck winch is what you want. This winch is all about getting you out of stuck situations without any stutter. Its synthetic rope with highly durable clevis hook and 10k lbs capacity makes it stand out.

10. Rock-Hulk 13500 lb Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch: Best Value for Money

Now, getting everything in one pack while keeping the price reasonable is what many people love to consider first. The Rock Hulk winch is a rather high-end machine with a cost like its cheaper counterparts in the market.

Rock-Hulk 13500 lb Waterproof Synthetic Rope Winch

With a heavy performer 7.2hp 12v series wound motor, the winch offers a huge 13,500 lbs of pulling capacity. The motor is also equipped with a 500AMP solenoid internal mechanism which is great for its waterproofing capability. For assurance, it has an IP68 rating.

You can run this winch to recover your Jeep Gladiator in any given situation, regardless of the adversity. If you’re stuck with sand, mud, snow, or water, it’s fully sealed against these. The rope is strong synthetic, connected to a heavy duty clevis hook.

For the rope, it’s a nylon synthetic one with a 7/16″ diameter and over 100′ long! With that, you have plenty of room to plan your recovery jobs. And it’s not going to wear out quick as it also offers a heavy rope cover and a smooth aluminum fairlead to protect the rope.

As for the control, the winch comes with both a wired manual controller and a wireless controller. Despite coming at a reasonably lower price range, this winch offers a staggering 90’ of wireless control! You can both power on/off and in/out the rope using the remote.

A smooth free spool is another great feature you don’t want to miss out on this winch. With the release of the chrome finished spool clutch, you can let the rope come out smooth and hook the winch up. After that, you can retract with power at up to 6 ft/ minute speed.

Technical Details

  • Motor Capacity: 12V 7.2 HP series wound motor
  • Weather protection: IP68 waterproof
  • Pull/Lift Capacity: 13,500 lbs (6,123 kg)
  • Winch weight: 58 pounds
  • Gear Ratio: 236:1
  • Gear System: 3 Stage Planetary Gear
  • Rope Material: Synthetic rope
  • Cable size: 100 feet long
  • Fairlead design: Aluminum hawse fairlead
  • Braking Action: Automatic in the Drum
  • Larger capacity winch motor from a lower price range
  • Lightweight with synthetic rope but strong enough
  • Goes perfectly well with the Jeep Gladiator design
  • Has a longer rope compared to other counterparts
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions
  • Doesn’t come with a winch strap
  • The remote could have monitor

Why You Should Buy?

Simply put, if you want the maximum value for the money you’re spending on the winch, you want to get the Rock Hulk winch. It offers 13,500 lbs of winching capacity, a large 7.2 HP motor, and a sealed internal with a weatherproof IP68 rating for better accessibility.

What Are Those Things That You’ve To Consider While Selecting The Best Winch For Jeep Gladiator?

Getting the best out of your investment is not easy when reliability is more important than looks. With a car like Jeep Gladiator, you need the ultimate reliability while attaching a winch to it.

Alongside a list of the most reliable winches for gladiator above, you should also understand what makes a winch great. Here are the criteria you want to look for while purchasing your next winch:

How To Select The Best Winch For Jeep Gladiator

Weight Capacity (size)

First off, the most important thing: you need to consider the size of the winch, which is determined by its weight capacity. A winch for a Jeep gladiator can vary in weight capacity from 8,500 lbs to 18,000 lbs.

Depending on what you’re planning to do and where to go, the weight can greatly vary. The best way to determine that is, to get at least 1.5 times higher the GCWR of the car. And the best option is bumping it up to 3 times larger.

Motor Type and Options

Next up, is the motor, which is the brain and heart of a winch that determines its power in the field. There are two types of motor you can find in a winch:

Motor Type and Options

  1. Permanent magnet (PM)
  2. Series wound (SW)

Where you can find permanent magnet motors only in the cheaper, unreliable winches.

As you can see on the list above, we recommended only winches with series wound motors. These are the most reliable, especially for a car like the Jeep gladiator. Both run on the DC power of your car battery.

Mounting Mechanism

Mounting method for the winch is subjective for one person to another. There are usually 3 types of mounting options for winches:

  1. Winch bumper
  2. Multi-mounting option
  3. Bumper mount (Jeep gladiators come with this)

One mounting mechanism is easier while the other is neater to look at. For the jeep gladiator, as it’s a heavy off-roading car by nature, you’ll find a heavy-duty mounting option on the bumper. It takes in the regular 4×10 size bolting system and has a pretty straightforward installation process.

Type of Winch Rope

As for the wire of the winch, you get to choose between 2 different types of rope:

  1. Steel wire rope
  2. Synthetic nylon rope

The steel rope is highly durable and suitable especially for abrasive terrain where friction is inevitable. However, steel rope is prone to rust and corrosion. The biggest drawback is the decreased safety with sharp burrs and kickbacks. Use heavy gloves with a steel rope.

Type of Winch Rope

On the other hand, synthetic rope is flexible, doesn’t rust, is less dangerous, and is very lightweight to its counterpart. The drawback with synthetic is, they can retain water, stay damp, and isn’t good for UV rays. Both of them can render the rope last less than expected.

Control Mechanism

To control your winch, you need to decide on these two options:

  1. Wired remote control
  2. Wireless remote control

Among these two, wireless is the best option to go with, especially if you’re working with a steel rope. Since the kickback from a worn steel rope can be life-threatening, staying out of the danger zone comes in handy.

On the other hand, if you’re pulling fewer weight than rated for the winch, using a synthetic rope, a wired controller is just fine. Also, if you’re fluent with winches and know the safest practices, a wired controller can benefit you with uninterrupted control.

Weather Resistance

As you’re going off-road, riding harsh terrain, in all sorts of weather conditions, having your winch weather resistant can help. Big time. Here are the things you want to look for while considering this aspect:

  • IP67 or IP68
  • Sealed circuitry
  • Weatherproof hook

The rating is crucial to check for as it assures that you’re looking at the right machine that had to undergo testing. With such a rating, you know you have sealed electrical connections as well as the overall integrity.

On the outer design, make sure the clevis hook, the winch strap, and other peripherals are well made too. Powder coated or painted clevis hook is a necessity as it’s both crucial and exposed the most.

Construction Material

Ok, the obvious, build material and overall integrity. It must be strong enough to withstand the heavy pull and pressure onto the machine. The drive, the middle drum axle, crank, and shaft, everything must be made of top-quality material like reinforced stainless steel.

Another two things to keep your eyes on are the fairlead and the mounting base metal. The base metal could be custom-made, but the Jeep gladiator comes with a sturdy and reliable bumper. The fairlead can be either of these types:

  • Aluminum hawse
  • Roller fairlead

If you’re getting a synthetic cope, the hawse style is better while for steel rope, it should be a roller fairlead. But make sure it’s a 4-way roller.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and winching; both go side by side where you cannot overlook one for another. Some aspects you can pay attention to, are

  • Wireless control
  • Winch rope cover
  • Winch damper
  • Winch extension strap, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making an informed decision cannot be a complete job if you have questions left. Here are some frequently asked ones, or you always have the comment section to ask yours!

What Does A Jeep Gladiator Weigh?

The base Jeep gladiator Sport 4×4 comes with a CURB weight of only 4650 lbs, counting a GCWR of 5800 lbs.

However, the Rubicon 4dr 4×4, the ultimate Jeep gladiator you can get today, weighs around 5050 lbs (CURB) with a GCWR of 6250 lbs. For that, you need to get a winch capable of pulling at least 9375 lbs. Possibly more.

Do I Need A Special Bumper For A Winch?

In general, you sure need a heavy duty bumper to mount a winch that can withstand heavy pulls. In that contrast, when you’re talking about the Jeep Gladiator, the car comes as a beast off-roader in the first place.

Which means, you get to own one hell of a bumper right out of the box. So, you don’t have to use any after-market bumper to throw in a heavy duty winch to your Jeep gladiator. It’s already strong enough and has the setup to take in.

How Much Does A Jeep Winch Weigh?

As you can already see in the list we’ve compiled above, the weight of a winch usable with Jeep, is not one set measure. The weight of a jeep winch will be 50 lbs to 132 lbs, depending on how big it is.

As a rule of thumb, you don’t really have to consider the winch weight that much from the list above. If you’re doing your own research and making a purchase out of the list, try to have one with around 60-80 lbs of weight.

Is Synthetic Rope Better Than Steel Cable On A Winch?

Technically, both synthetic rope and steel cable have their pros and cons to consider.

With steel cable, you get better results for abrasive terrain. But it’s more dangerous when you have a snap, and the sharp burrs could damage your hand if handled bare-handed. Plus, corrosion and rust are inevitable with steel cable.

On the contrary, synthetic rope is prone to damage on abrasive terrain and UV light. However, it’s better than steel in terms of both safety, and handling since it’s flexible and doesn’t corrode over time.

Can You Put a Winch on A Stock Jeep Gladiator Bumper?

Simply put, the Jeep gladiator comes ready to do off-roading, so the stock bumper should do just fine. However, if you’re up for extreme off-roading and have rocks and high bumps along the way, consider upgrading the stock bumper.

Bere in mind upgrading to a 100+ lbs of after-market bumper will bring a little sag to the front suspension. You’ll have to install a small ¾” spacers down the line. Jack up the vehicle, undo the wheels and tires, lower shock mounts, and redo the coils after installing the new spacers.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Jeep gladiator on its feet with the highest and biggest upgrades is no easy job. And which is the most complicated one. With the detailed guides and reviews above, you should now have an idea of which one to go with. Vevor winch should be your choice if budget is your concern.

But our editorial choice for the best winch for jeep gladiator is the WARN Zeon Platinum 12. This beast can recover your Jeep Gladiator from any stuck situation while being the easiest to operate with a wireless remote controller. Plus, it has real-time battery and motor temperature monitoring.

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