8 Best ATV Winch with Synthetic Rope in 2024 (In-Depth Reviews)

Synthetic ropes are now a ton more reliable and safe as compared to traditional steel wires. With no kink, and soft yet heavy duty construction, synthetic ropes provide more tensile strength, thus increasing its popularity.

But for the same reason, finding the best ATV winch with synthetic rope becomes a lot harder. There are too many things to consider; from the right winch size to the proper rope assembly.

Well, we’ve taken everything into consideration and beyond while doing our testings. Let’s get you through the most promising ATV winches that come with synthetic ropes for a mighty recovery every time.

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Synthetic Winch Rope And Cable Which One Is Better?

When it comes to choosing a winch, the rope causes the most confusion. Traditionally, steel cable was the way to go with, as synthetic cables weren’t that great.

is Synthetic Winch Rope Better Than Cable - Winch rope vs winch cable

However, things have changed with time and now, more than ever, with the rise of Dyneema ropes. Synthetic cables are literally taking over steel cables.

While steel cables do their jobs well, and do recover just fine, getting by with a synthetic one offers way better results.

Here’s a side by side comparison between synthetic ropes and steel cables:

 synthetic Rope Steel Cable
Very easy to install on the drum Requires tools and strength to install
Safe to use with bare hands Never to handle without winch gloves on
Easy to set up and use on spot Not so easy to handle on the spot
Fairly easy to repair in case of a tear Mostly goes out of order after a tear
Very lightweight to carry around Heavy build; not easy to carry around
Doesn’t make the bumper saggy Might lower an ATV’s bumper a little
Floats on the water Sink on the water, even mud
Doesn’t make any burrs Burrs cause injury if handled bare hand
Never develops rust Exposure to high humidity can rust it
Prone to high heat (>150 °C) Endures high heat

Comparison Chart:

Here’s a quick comparison chart for the ATV winches we’ve selected that have synthetic ropes in them:

Winch modelCapacityMotor typeRopeControlGear Ratio
SuperATV Black Ops4500 LbsDC 12V 1.3 HP50 feet Synthetic Wired and Wireless166:1
Fieryred 12V 5500lbs5500 LbsDC 12V 2.2 HP6 mm 47.57 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless166:1
Anbull 12V Electric Winch4500 LbsDC 12V 2.2 HP5.5 mm 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless198:1
AC-DK 4500 ATV Winch4500 LbsDC 12V 1.8 HP 5.5 mm 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless166:1
REINDEER 12V Winch4500 Lbs12V 1.9 hp / 1.5kw 5.5 mm 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless 198:1 reduction ratio
ZEAK 5500 lb Winch5500 Lbs12V 1.8 HP 1/4” 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless166:1
Champion 100428 Winch Kit3500 Lbs1.4 HP 12V DC motor 3/16'' 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless171:1
ORCISH 4500 Lbs Winch4500 LbsDC 12V 1 hp motor5.5 mm 50 ft SyntheticWired and Wireless 136:1

8 Best ATV Winch With Synthetic Rope Reviews

Wondering which is the best ATV winch with synthetic rope for the money? Here are the ones we’ve selected after a thorough filtration of a few dozen winches.

Best ATV Winch with Synthetic Rope

1. Superatv 4500 Lb Winch For UTV/ATV: Editor’s Choice

The SuperATV Black Ops is the best ATV winch with synthetic rope. It comes with a universal fit for any UTV or ATV. We’ve ranked it the most performer one for good reasons, let’s talk about the most important ones.

Superatv 4500 Lb Winch For UTV_ATV

Technical Specifications

Arrival dimensions 14.49″ x 4.60” x 4.37″
Winch gross weight ‎31 pounds
Pull/lift capacity 4500 lbs
Rope type and length Synthetic, 50 feet
Fairlead design aluminum hawse (152.4 mm)
Braking Action Automatic in the Drum
Mounting plate size 76 x 168 mm (3.0″ x 6.6″)
Can be installed on ATV, UTV, Small SUVs
Winch Motor Capacity DC 12V 1.3 HP (permanent magnet )
Gear System Planetary gear mechanism
Gear Ratio 166:1
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Strong Heavy-duty 50-Feet Synthetic Rope

Steel cables can develop rust. But this winch comes with a synthetic rope that endures heavyweight but isn’t prone to humidity. You’re getting a 50-feet heavy-duty double braided rope. It’s very lightweight, floats on water, yet strong enough to pull as much as steel cables.

Sufficient Weight Capacity (4500 Lbs)

The capacity of towing pulling or lifting over 4500 Lbs makes this winch a perfect piece of equipment for any ATV or UTV. As the capacity is decent and true to its specs, you can also use it on a small SUV or truck. If the GVWR of your car is within 4500 lbs, you’re good to go.

Waterproof Construction

To make sure that you’re making the best out of the winch at any situation, it comes waterproof. The sealed construction and well-built solenoid won’t get wet, no matter how muddy or wet a road you’re ruling over. Neck-deep off-roading with UTV is now a reality.

Universal Fit

Regardless of which ATV model you’re planning to use it on, chances are you won’t need an aftermarket mounting plate. SuperATV has constructed this for the common 76 x 168 mm (3.0″ x 6.6″) mounting bolt pattern. Mount your winch and get go; that’s the plan, right?

Includes Every Kit

You’ll get this UTV winch with every kit you’d ever need to operate it, even under the toughest situation. Apart from the rope and an aluminum fairlead, you’ll get a good bracket, a winch hook kit, pull strap, stopper, and other extended rope, everything you’d ever need.

Wireless Remote Control

The Black Ops winch comes with both a wired and a wireless controller as well as a wired one. If you want to control it right from the dashboard, it also comes wit a winch rocker switch. As for the wireless one, it’s also waterproof to work outside along with auto shutoff.

What We Like
  • Lightweight and safe winch with synthetic rope
  • Decent weight capacity for any given ATV
  • Heavy duty build with waterproof sealed body
  • High-end solenoid and 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Fits on almost any ATV or UTV with the right
What We Don't Like
  • The rope length could be a bit longer

Tester Notes

We’ve found the SuperATV Black Ops Winch to be highly efficient under extreme situations. The waterproof design with sealed solenoid allows the ATV to sink under mud and come out just fine. If you want the best ATV winch with a rope, get this one with every kit included.

2. Fieryred 12V 5500lbs Electric Winch: Easiest to Install

The Fieryred UTV winch would be the best option if you want your winch to be easy to install. It uses synthetic rope to do the hoist, making it light and easy to handle while floating on the water. Let’s explore it a bit further and get to know it better:

Fieryred 12V 5500lbs Electric Winch

Technical Specification

Arrival dimensions ‎19 x 13.25 x 9 inches
Winch gross weight ‎‎30.8 pounds
Pull/lift capacity 5500lbs (2495kg)
Rope type and length 6 mm Synthetic, 47.57 ft (14.5 m)
Fairlead design aluminum hawse (152.4 mm)
Braking Action Dynamic braking in the drum
Drum Size 2″ x 5″ (50.4 mm x 126 mm)
Can be installed on ATV, UTV, Small SUVs
Winch Motor Capacity DC 12V 2.2 HP (permanent magnet)
Gear System Planetary gear mechanism
Gear Ratio 166:1
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Hassle-Free Installation

While installation can be a hassle for most winches, this one is fairly easy to get on board. Just plug the circular connector from the control box to the battery, screw the plate in, and you’re good to go. Plus, since it’s a synthetic rope, installing or replacing it will be a breeze.

Dual Remote Control (Wired and Wireless)

You’re getting both a wireless and a wired remote controller along with this winch. They’ll allow you to work on your machine with or without standing near the controller. This especially can help you stay on a safe distance while operating the winch.

Dynamic Free Spool

The dynamic braking system on this winch will allow you to spool the rope out without running the winch. You can easily release the spool clutch, take the line out, and have your desired length without wasting power. Besides, the red or gray clutch will bring aesthetics!

High Load Capacity (5500 Lbs)

This winch has a high weight capacity of 5500lbs that can help you recover an ATV along with cargo. If you often use your ATV, UTV, or RTV for carrying goods or equipment, this winch can help you stay upright. It’s even enough to hook on a small SUV per se.

Waterproof Construction

To keep you going, even in the harshest situation while off-roading, this winch comes completely water resistant. You can have your entire bumper under the mud, the winch will still be 100% functional and will make your way out. Keep your

Plus, the drum has a large diameter to reduce stress on the rope for minimized wear

What We Like
  • Water resistant and heavy duty construction
  • High weight pulling or hoisting capacity
  • Less stress on the rope with large diameter drum
  • Easy to install with a few steps done already
  • Heavy duty motor with dynamic braking system
What We Don't Like
  • Wiring the wireless receiver is time-consuming

Tester Notes

The Fieryred ATV winch is a perfect choice if you want your machine to be easy to install. And that, after having good quality synthetic rope on. Apart from the rope and installation, it can haul a good 5500 lbs of weight. Just enough for any ATV along with all the cargo.

3. Anbull 12V 4500lb Electric Winch: Easiest to Control

Now, if easy control is your first priority, you’ve got to check the Anbull winch. It’s the winch you want for the safest operation with over 20m (66ft) distance of wireless control! Apart from having synthetic rope, it does a pretty good job in hoisting heavy load! Let’s explore it.

Anbull 12V 4500lb Electric Winch

Technical Specification

Arrival Dimensions ‎16.3 x 11.2 x 7 inches
Winch Gross Weight 21.9 pounds
Pull/lift capacity 4500LBS / 2045Kg
Rope Type and Length 5.5mm Synthetic, 15m (50 feet)
Fairlead Design aluminum hawse
Braking Action Automatic in the Drum
Can Be Installed On Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity DC 12V 2.2 HP (permanent magnet)
Gear System Steel planetary gear mechanism (3 sets)
Gear Ratio 198:1
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Long Distance Wireless Remote (20m or 66ft)

Controlling this winch will be a ton easier, compared to others as you’re getting a long-range wireless remote controller. The remote will allow you to control the winch from 20m (66ft) away. That means you can stand at a decent distance and control it in a better position.

High Strength Synthetic Fiber (4500 Lbs Lift Capacity)

The Anbull winch comes equipped with a polyethylene synthetic fiber which is more flexible and easy to maneuver. With a breaking force of 23,809 Lbs, you are rest assured, it will surely give you the peace of mind you’d want from your winch.

Heavy Duty Winch Motor

With a 12V / 2.6Kw motor, this winch will pull or tow over 4500Lbs of weight. You can easily haul your buggy with it, even if you’re stuck in the most difficult situation. The motor can spool the synthetic rope inside 1.1 m per minute. Winching will be a bit slow but easy with it.

Easy to Install

When it comes to assembling and installing the winch, it’ll be an easy job. Even though it’s fairly straightforward, there’s a detailed manual inside as well. It will help you figure out the process of installation. The bolt pattern of the winch plate is a standard 124×76 mm one.

Weatherproof Construction

To keep you safe and running while off-roading, the winch offers a weatherproof construction. To back that up, you’re getting a IP67 rating for its protection against water, dust, and dirt. Go neck down under mud or water and be safe on the ground no matter what.

What We Like
  • Huge breaking force capacity with polyethylene fiber rope
  • Long range wireless remote controller included
  • Large weight capacity for both hauling and towing
  • Completely weatherproof with IP67 rating
  • Standard winch installation bolt pattern with easy steps
What We Don't Like
  • The high gear ratio makes it a bit slow

Tester Notes

If you want ease of operation and don’t want a complicated or unsafe control, the Anbull 4500 lbs winch is what you need. It comes with synthetic rope with huge breaking force, and a water, dust, and dirt proof construction to keep it safe from harsh surroundings.

4. AC-DK 4500 lbs. Synthetic Rope ATV Winch: Best For Low Budget

Do you find the previous winches good but need all those features within a lower budget? Let’s talk about the AC-DK synthetic rope winch; it’s the best ATV winch for the least of cost to your pocket. Here’s why it’s the best cheap winch with synthetic rope for ATV:

AC-DK 4500 lbs. Synthetic Rope ATV Winch

Technical Specification

Winch Model AC-DK-EW4500-R
Arrival Dimensions ‎16.34 x 11.02 x 7.09 inches
Winch Gross Weight ‎24.4 pounds
Pull/lift Capacity 4500 Pounds
Rope Type and Length  5.5mm synthetic, 15M 7/32” x 50 feet
Fairlead Design aluminum hawse (152.4 mm)
Braking Action Automatic in the Drum
Can be installed on Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity DC 12V 1.8 HP (permanent magnet)
Gear System Planetary gear mechanism
Gear Ratio 166:1
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Strong Construction

Having a heavy duty strong construction while being incredibly cheap is what sets the AC-DK winch apart. You’ll get an aluminum fairlead that will work great with the synthetic rope. The stainless steel bolts and fittings will keep it up and steady on the nose of your ATV.

50 Feet Long  Synthetic Rope

As for the rope, it’s a synthetic one with a fairly large length of 50 feet. That’s enough for almost any situation you can put your ATV in. The included winch rope stopper helps in keeping the winch in stationary mode properly. Plus, it will keep safe from the clevis hook.

Versatile Usability

Using the winch is a breeze, no matter what operation mode you’re putting it into. And you can install it on almost any car you need it to be on up to 4500 lbs of weight. Whether you’re getting it for our UTV, ATV, or other cars within that weight, you’re good to go.

Effortless Control With Wireless Remote

Controlling the winch won’t be an issue since you’re getting a wireless remote controller with it. You can keep away from the snap area and stay safe while being able to winch in and out just fine. Not to mention, There’s also a wired jump controller you can attach to your dash.

Waterproof Design

Getting into the wild without having to worry about damaging your ATV or UTV. This winch not only comes with a robust construction, it also has a pretty solid waterproofing. You can put into extreme wild rides and rely on the waterproof design to carry on with towing.

What We Like
  • Cheap yet high-end motor with large pull force
  • High strength synthetic rope increases flexibility
  • Comes with rope stopper within the box
  • Fits almost any Vehicle from ATVs to small trucks
  • The rope is long enough for any purposes
What We Don't Like
  • The wireless remote controller is not waterproof.

Tester Notes

If you want the right winch for your ATV or UTV and want it to be fairly cheaper, the AC-DK winch is what you need. This machine offers 4500 lbs of pull capacity and has a synthetic rope to do that. The package includes a rope stopper that will aid in stationary mode.

5. REINDEER 12V Winch 4500 lb Electric Winch: Best lightweight

Now, if your buggy is not the heaviest one in the pack, and you want a lightweight winch to pair with it, get along with Reindeer winch. This machine comes with only 21 ponds of weight without compromising any feature. The lightweight synthetic rope surely plays a role here.

REINDEER 12V Winch 4500 lb Electric Winch


Technical Specification

Arrival Dimensions ‎‎16.5 x 11.5 x 7 inches
Winch Gross Weight ‎‎‎21.1 pounds
Pull/lift capacity 4500 Lbs
Rope Type and Length 5.5 mm x 50 ft Synthetic Rope
Fairlead Design Coated aluminum hawse
Braking Action Drum clutch release
Drum Size 1.97” x 3”
Bolt pattern 3.13″ ∅ 8.5
Can be installed on Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity 12V 1.9 hp/1.5kw output (permanent magnet)
Gear Train Planetary gear (3-stage)
Gear Ratio 198:1 reduction ratio
Clutch Type Free Spooling
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Super Lightweight Design

The first thing that will catch your eyes in this winch is the super lightweight construction. It’s easy to move around if in case you’re using as a portable winch. And if you install it on your buggy or side by side, the weight will not put any pressure on the suspension.

Waterproof Construction

Reindeer has made this winch completely weatherproof (water, dust, mud, dirt) so that you can take it anywhere you want. Let’s not forget, the most important thing about going off road is being able to go anywhere you want: From heavy mud, to neck-deep submersion.

Heavy Synthetic Rope

Synthetic rope is the part of this winch that made it so lightweight. Apart from the weight thing, this rope also floats on the water, never develops rust, and is good for carrying around. It’s super easy to maneuver, wrap around a bolder or tree, and much safer to work with.

Easy to Install and Control

Let’s talk about the ease of usage. The Reindeer winch is a winch that offered us both the ease of installation and peace of mind while controlling. It makes the overall winching job a lot smoother with the coated aluminum fairlead.

Smooth Free Spooling

The smoothness of the synthetic rope is utterly satisfactory on this robust winch. And the part that makes this process a breeze is the smooth free spooling mechanism. Its dynamic clutch lever will allow you to free spool the rope while making your way to the anchor point.

What We Like
  • Decent length and strength on the synthetic rope
  • Overall lightweight design to easily move around
  • Free spooling without wasting the battery power
  • Waterproof and sealed solenoid construction
  • Has both the wireless and wired remote control
What We Don't Like
  • There is no rope stopper included

Tester Notes

This winch was the most lightweight one among all the winches we’ve tested. It’s perfect for even the most lightweight ATV or UTV as it doesn’t put any sag to the suspension. Plus, since it’s fully weatherproof, no worries while going nuts in the middle of nowhere.

6. ZEAK 5500 lb Synthetic Rope Winch: Best for High Load

Do you use your UTV for carrying goods in times? The 5500 lbs of lift capacity of the Zeak winch is above average. Its high towing capacity helps you avoid taking the load off and keep on going no matter what obstacles you’ve got on the road.

ZEAK 5500 lb Synthetic Rope Winch

Technical Specification

Arrival Dimensions ‎‎20.2 x 12.7 x 7.4 inches
Winch Gross Weight ‎‎‎29.9 pounds
Pull/lift Capacity 5500 Lbs
Rope Type and Length 1/4” x 50’ synthetic rope
Fairlead Design Aluminum hawse
Braking Action Drum clutch release
Drum Size 1.98” x 4.88”
Bolt Pattern 3″ x 6″
Can be installed on Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity 12V 1.8 HP (permanent magnet)
Gear Train Planetary gear (3-stage)
Gear Ratio 166:1
Clutch Type Free Spooling (Turn Dial)
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid
Hook Included, 5/16″ Clevis Hook

High Load Capacity (5500 Lbs lift capacity)

The first thing we considered getting this is its high weight capacity. You can put over 5500 lbs of weight to the motor. Even if you use this on a small trailer or a UTV for carrying, hunting, etc., this should be enough. The synthetic rope stands by the power of the motor.

Waterproof Construction (IP66-rated)

You can take this winch on adventure without limits of harsh environment. With its IP66-rated weather protection with sealed solenoid, you can rest assured the machine will stay safe against water, dust, and dirt. Plus, the rust-resistant coating will keep it shining for years.

Low Power Operation

As you’re going to run this winch on your car or UTV battery, Zeak has thought it through and made this winch a lot less power-consuming. Its low amp draw mechanism will help you run the winch more efficiently, thus reflecting onto the overall runtime down the line.

Dual Remote Types (Wired and Wireless Remote Control)

To control this heavy-duty UTV winch, you’re getting both types of controllers: A standard wired remote, and a wireless remote controller. You’ll plug the wireless remote receiver onto the standard plug, and control it from a safe distance with a better view.

Reliable Dynamic Brake

Operating this winch is a breeze with its dynamic brake system. Its clutch lever release free spool will allow you to install the synthetic rope on your recovery point easier. Not only it’s easy to maneuver, but also a lot more power efficient as you won’t use power.

What We Like
  • High weight capacity for heavy loads on trailer
  • Dynamic braking system with free spool
  • Wireless remote alongside wired option
  • Synthetic rope with smooth aluminum fairlead
  • Waterproof construction with IP66 rating
What We Don't Like
  • The wireless remote could be integrated into the internal circuit.

Tester Notes

The Zeak ATV winch is the one you want if high weight towing is what you do. No need to take the loads off while towing when you have this winch on board. With the synthetic rope, you’ll have a safer and more flexible winching experience compared to steel cable.

7. Champion100428 ATV Winch Kit: Best for fast winching

If fast operation is what you prefer; maybe you love doing things like a pro as you are. Then have a look at this Champion UTV winch kit, with the fastest winching speed on the list. Apart from free spooling, you can spool up to 9.8 feet of synthetic rope per minute on it.

Champion100428 ATV Winch Kit

Technical Specification

Arrival Dimensions ‎‎15.6 x 12.8 x 7.1 inches
Winch Gross Weight 18.3 pounds
Pull/lift Capacity 3500 Lbs
Rope Type and Length 3/16” x 50 ft Synthetic Rope
Fairlead Design Coated aluminum hawse
Braking Action Drum clutch Dynamic brake
Drum Size 1.5” x 3.2”
Bolt Pattern 4.9″ x 3″
Can be installed on Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity 1.4 HP 12V DC motor (permanent magnet)
Gear Train Planetary gear (3-stage)
Gear Ratio 171:1
Clutch Type Free Spooling
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Fast Winching Speed (3.3 Feet Per Minute With Full Load)

The Champion ATV winch will help you spool the rope into the drum quite fast. You can spool the rope over 9.8 feet per minute while not under load, and as little as 3.3 feet per minute when under full load. This can aid you in faster recovery from a steep situation.

Polyethylene Synthetic Rope

To cope with the high-speed and powerful winching, Champion power equipment included a Hi-strength polyethylene synthetic rope. It’s flexible, safer, and easier to use, as compared to steel cable. This rope doesn’t kink, has no rust, and doesn’t wear out with a protective sleeve.

Decent Power for ATV

You’re getting a 1.4 HP 12V DC motor with a permanent magnet mechanism inside. It works with a 3-stage planetary gear train that works with a 171:1 gear ratio. This is decent enough power for any ATV or UTV as it can lift or pull up to 3500 lbs of weight.

Waterproof Sealed Design

When it comes to using an ATV while riding harsh terrain no matter if it’s deep mud or neck-deep water. Water, dust, or dirt won’t get into the winch or the solenoid as it’s completely sealed against liquid. And since the synthetic rope doesn’t rust, you’re safe there as well.

Lightweight Portable Construction (18.3 Lbs Only)

Installing this winch and transporting it from here to there will be a breeze as it’s super lightweight, weighing only 18.3 pounds. Although it’s more lightweight than the Reindeer winch, it’s not as powerful as that one. It has an aluminum hawse fairlead that maximizes the life of the synthetic rope

What We Like
  • Super lightweight to install on a small ATVs or UTVs
  • Fast winching capacity of up to 9.8 feet a minute
  • Sealed solenoid and waterproof coated construction
  • Smooth aluminum fairlead with strong synthetic rope
  • Low profile design with no sag to the suspension
What We Don't Like
  • Pulling capacity could be higher

Tester Notes

This winch will be the right choice if you’re looking for one that can pull your ATV much faster from a stuck situation. It’ll also be the best choice to install as a portable winch that you’d carry around as it’s super lightweight. Capacity is fairly enough at 3500 lbs for ATVs.

8. ORCISH 12V 4500LBS Synthetic Rope Winch: Best Value for Money

Now, if you’re more into the best value for the money you’re spending, make your turn into the Orcish 4500 Lbs ATV winch. It comes with the highest quality synthetic rope and has more than enough towing capacity into the efficient motor. Let’s get to know it better:

ORCISH 12V 4500LBS Synthetic Rope Winch

Technical Specification

Arrival Dimensions ‎16.3 x 11 x 7.1 inches
Winch Gross Weight ‎‎‎22 Lbs
Pull/lift Capacity 4500 Lbs
Rope Type and Length 0.21″ (5.5 mm) x 50′ (15 m)
Fairlead Design Coated aluminum hawse
Braking Action Drum clutch release
Drum Diameter 3.12″ (80 mm)
Bolt pattern 124×76 mm
Can be installed on Buggies (ATV, UTV)
Winch Motor Capacity 12V 1 hp motor (permanent magnet)
Gear Train 3-stage planetary gear
Gear Ratio 136:1
Clutch Type Free Spooling
Protection Waterproof seals and solenoid

Good Weight Capacity (4500 Lbs Lifting Capacity)

The Orcish ATV winch offers a good enough weight capacity that you can use for any buggy, ATV, UTV, or RTV. With 4500 lbs of pulling or lifting capacity, you can rely on this winch for high load. You don’t want to off load while towing! And this winch helps you in that.

Efficient Dual Control (Wired And Wireless Control)

Keep up with your side-by-side adventure as you’re getting a highly efficient control option with this winch. It comes with both wired and wireless control mechanisms. You can use the wireless remote controller to spool in and out from a safe distance.

Versatile Usability

Not only you can use this winch on your UTV or ATV, but also can make use of it in other purposes. You can install this small and lightweight machine for lifting or hoisting heavy objects on small SUVs, boats, or even in construction sites.

Weatherproof Design

No worries if you’re going off-road where mud, water, and dirt are common things. This winch will stay completely safe as it’s constructed sealed and protected from outside interventions. Plus, the synthetic rope on it will not corrode over time as steel cable would.

Decent Motor

For the main part, the motor of the winch, is a 12V DC 1HP motor, that is decent to recover your ATV or small car. However, as you can already tell, you can’t use it for too heavy objects that weigh more than 4500 lbs. Be sure to have your weight measured beforehand.

What We Like
  • Weight capacity is decent enough for any ATV or UTV
  • Weatherproof construction with sealed solenoid
  • Usable for any hoisting jobs from cars to construction
  • The included synthetic rope is very strong and long lasting
  • Wireless and wired control mechanisms make it great
What We Don't Like
  • The motor capacity should be a bit larger

Tester Notes

The Orcish ATV winch should be your choice if you’re looking for the right value for money. It has a sweet combination of both high performance and easy control. Plus, it’s super safe to operate as it uses a synthetic rope instead of steel cable.

What to Look for While Choosing The Best ATV Winch With Synthetic Rope?

It’s not easy to determine the best winch for an ATV since there are so many variables that make or break a deal. Here are the features and considerations you would have to make while choosing your next ATV winch:

How To Pick The Best ATV Winch With Synthetic Rope

Pull/Hoisting Capacity

The first thing to look in a winch that you’re going to use with your ATV or UTV is the pulling or lifting capacity. To do that, you need to know the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of your ATV. After that, multiply that with 1.5, and you’ll have the right winch size.

If your ATV weighs 2000 lbs including you, the driver and cargo (if any), the suggested winch size will be at least 3500 lbs.

Rope Type And Strength

Next up, the rope selection, and its strength. Here, you have two options: Steel wire, and Synthetic rope. As we know already, synthetic rope is way better than steel wires for so many reasons.

Now, while choosing synthetic rope, be sure the rope has these characteristics:

  • higher breaking point
  • Double braided
  • The right length (50’ is good enough)
  • Has protection sleeves on

Weather Protection

The ATV winch you’re getting should come with complete weather protection. You’re about to off-road with this thing, and you should not be limited on areas with water, mud, and dust because of a winch limited there.

Make sure the winch has a sealed solenoid box, a protected outer shell with good enough coating. Having an IP rating would be a huge plus to be sure about the protection.

Control Mechanism

Controlling mechanism of the winch doesn’t only imply in easy of use; it has a lot to do with safety as well. Unless you love oldchool wired connection for the control, go look for a wireless controller instead.

Getting one with both the options will make things even sweeter. You can easily opt for the wired one in case the wireless one runs out of battery.

Size And Compatibility

Getting the most expensive winch but not being able to put it into your ATV is no good situation. Rather, you should be looking for a winch that has the compatible size for the bumper you have.

The winces we’ve selected for today’s discussion are all compatible with any ATV or UTV model you might have. Go for one without worrying about this aspect.

Weight And Suspension Sag

The weight of the winch plays a big role, especially when you’re installing it on an ATV. Since a heavyweight winch can put a sag to the suspension, you must go for a lighter one. And as a rule of thumb, the smaller the weight capacity, the lighter the winch would be.

How To Use An ATV Winch Step-by-Step Process?

Using an ATV winch is a simple yet sophisticated process that you must know before getting on with. Here are the steps you must follow to use an ATV winch properly after installing it:

Step-1: Twist the clutch lever and release the automatic brake in the drum.

Step-2: Spool the rope out to the anchor and hook* it up with the clevis hook.

Step-3: Take the controller and connect to the control box (Or switch on the wireless remote)

Step-4: Once connected, press the spool-in button slightly to tighten up the rope.

Step-5: Now, keep spooling in, until you’re out of the stuck situation.

Once stable on the ground, you can unhook the winch and spool the rest of the line in. Keep tension on the rope while spooling in though.

*Note: Try to keep the winch line as straight to the car as possible. Hooking it up to an angle will pile up the rope on the drum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequent questions you might have in your mind about using ATV winches and while getting one:

Is A 2500 Lb Winch Enough For ATV?

For the smaller UTVs with a Gross weight of 1000 lbs, 2500 lbs of winch capacity should be enough. However, if you have an ATV with a gross weight of around 1800-2000 lbs, you must go for higher power. The Ideal winch power for the ATV would have a winching capacity of around 3500 lbs.

Can You Replace Steel Winch Cable With Synthetic?

You can definitely replace steel cable with the synthetic one. But make sure the cable you’re getting is rated for the same amount of weight. Once you have the rope, smoothen any burrs, replace the fairlead, and install the synthetic rope on the winch!

Can You Tie Synthetic Winch Rope?

Technically yes, you can tie a synthetic rope as a temporary fix to a broken cable. However, tying the winch rope will decrease its integrity by 50% which you don’t want. Instead, you an splicing the broken rope and fix it for good. It will take a bit longer and requires skill, but it’s worth investing in the skill rather than damaging the rope.

How Long Will Synthetic Winch Rope Last?

Synthetic rope is very strong and can last up to 10 years if you take good care of it. You should never leave or store it with dirt and dust within the strands or the braids. Also, never spool the rope in without having tension on it. Spool in while maintaining a steady consistency on the drum.

Can You Put A Synthetic Rope On Any Winch?

It’s possible to put a synthetic rope on any winch, even if it was primarily designed for a steel cable. As long as you know how to create the hook on a synthetic rope, splicing it, and attaching it to the drum, you’re good to go. You just have to use an aluminum fairlead with a rope while a roller fairlead with a steel cable.

Final Thoughts

It’s true that getting your first ATV winch is overwhelming. But with the right guideline, you can pick the right machine, even without having the necessary know-how about winches. We hope, the guide above has helped you pick the best ATV winch with synthetic rope.

If you want our editorial choice for the overall best, we’d suggest the SuperATV 4500 Lb Black Ops Winch For UTV/ATV.

It’s the best ATV winch that has decent pulling capacity, both wired and wireless control, a sleek design, and everything included. Get on with this awesome winch and explore the muddy and submerged trailers because it’s also fully waterproof!

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