About Us

What Is Offroadbuster?

Hello there,

Welcome to Offroadbuster!!! This is the place where you will find different types of winch for various activities and professions. Whether you’re looking for a “Snubbing Winch” for tow trucks, “Lever Winch” for moving weighty objects, or “Air Winch” for aircraft transportation, we have a collection of all of them.

However, to guide you to the right winch according to your job types and needs, we have a group of expert people from different fields, directly and indirectly, related to this engineering tool.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a mechanical capstan winch, hand-operated winch, portable winch, mechanical drum winch, hydraulic drum winch,  electrical winch; you’ll find all of them here in Offroadbuster.

What Do We Do Here?

We are here, a bunch of professionals from different fields working together to guide you to the right winch based on your job type. We have a winchman, ship loader, factory winch operator, mechanical engineer, and different professional people who are directly or indirectly related to this tool. The ultimate goal of every team member is to guide you to the right winch that you may need for your job.

How Did We Do Our Product Review?

Every single winch that you find here in Offroadbuster results from extensive research and analysis by our experts. Our review process starts with the market investigation and product analysis and ends with buying guidelines. At first, we split our whole team into subgroups and assigned particular tasks according to their specialization. Please look at the following section to understand our product review process.

Market Investigation And Product Research

Investigation of the market and analyzing the product is the very first thing that we do in our product review process. Our research team studies the market to find the newness and then analyzes the product. Through market research, they pick the top product of the best brand.

Identify The Core Feature of The Product

Once the research team list down the top products of the renowned brand. We start analyzing the products more deeply to identify the core features of the products. With this process, we are able to make sure that we have selected the product that you are looking for.

Product Selection

After separating the product based on their core characteristics, we have got our final product list and these products are selected for the review process.

Analyzing The Real Buyers Reviews

Analyzing real buyer reviews is another crucial step in our product review process. To complete this step with perfection we also develop an advanced system that can detect fake reviews. By analyzing the real buyer’s reviews we get a real-life experience of these products.

Ranking The Product

Based on quality and performance, not all products are the same. Some are better than others and through product ranking, we identify which one is better than others. In the product ranking process, we give each product a positive mark based on its specialty. The higher mark a product got the higher rank it achieved.

Review Writing

After completing the product ranking process we handed the top products analysis data to our writing team. Once the writing team got all the analyzed data of our selected product they write an in-detail review of these products.

Buying Guide

Buying guide is the summation of our entire review process. With the help of our buying guide, you can easily choose the right product according to your budget and needs.

Who We Are?

Jason Pastor

Jason is an editor and the founder of this site Offroadbuster. At an early age, he works as a ship loader and spend more than 25 years in this profession, but now he’s a retired person. Now in his free time, he loves to do research and write about things that he has expertise in. Offroadbuster is the result of that. He created this site to guide people with different types of winch for their profession.

William Mannino

William is the chief editor of this site. He’s a mechanical engineer and working for a renowned winch manufacturing company for almost 14 years. Because of his profession, he has in-depth knowledge about different types of winches and their specialty. That’s the reason, we hired him on our team, and now he’s leading our whole research and investigation team. Under his guidance, all team members are complete their tasks.

John Williams

John is the head of our writing team. He’s a professional writer who has more than 20 years of experience in writing. After completing his graduation in English literature and linguistics he started writing as his profession. John has very good skills in writing. He makes things easier and simple to understand for the readers.